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Ease of use

An easy-to-use e-commerce platform that can be set up without a deep-dive into the technology.


A functional whole whose parts and features work seamlessly together.


Versatile features that make your e-commerce store flexible to suit many purposes and needs.

Customer support

Local, knowledgeable customer support which answers questions quickly.


Faster, easier, smoother

Vilkas Now

Layout and content

There are over 20 modern and responsive themes to choose from, making it easy to make your online store look good and work on all devices.

Flexibly customize the theme to suit your own preferences, such as the colors, fonts, and buttons of the layout.

Make your content appealing, import and share images and text, add product promotions, change banners and videos. With the help of an easy drag & drop tool that makes adding and moving elements easy, fun and effortless.

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Vilkas Now

Product management

Manage all product information quickly . The feature classifications of the products are varied and can be given up to 250 products.

Add multiple images to showcase your products and product variants from different angles. Product images can also be resized and rotated using a built-in cropping and rotating tool that makes it easier to show product images to customers regardless of their device.

Vilkas Now

Order management

The most important daily work of an online retailer is the receipt and order management. Vilkas Now gives you a quick overview of your orders in terms of payment and order status. 

Versatile advanced order searches, history data and payment transaction data also enable better customer service. 

The Vilkas Now order management tool reduces workload and improves manageability from order to delivery. 

Vilkas Now

Customer management

Vilkas Now offers versatile features for better customer management. Get an overview and personalized information about your customers and their orders quickly from one place.

You can group and divide customers into different segments, and also set prices and discounts on a customer-by-customer basis. 

Vilkas Now


Let your customers pay in the most convenient way. Vilkas Now enables payment services for various payment devices and markets. Ready for easy use are e.g. Klarna, Paytrail, Verifone, PayPal and Stripe.

Vilkas Now


Popular and safe delivery methods pre-installed. Vilkas Now offers a wide range of delivery options to suit your needs. For example, you can specify which delivery methods are available for a product and choose sales-friendly pricing for deliveries.

Vilkas Now

Marketing and SEO

The online store needs to be visible and heard online - Vilkas Now includes rich features for search engine visibility and sales promotion.

Generate sales with discount coupons and cross-selling. Easily optimize your product to appear just right on Google and link to Google Ads, Shopping, and Facebook.

International sales
Vilkas Now

Global sales

Reach and sell internationally. Offer your online store in up to 15 languages. Payment and delivery methods and tax procedures by country. With Vilkas Now, you can take over the world as your market immediately and quickly.

Vilkas Now


Vilkas Now is a completely legal e-commerce solution in accordance with EU regulations.

Your information and your customer information is securely encrypted via SSL automatically, and is stored within the EU.



Try free for 30 days.


No commitment, no costs. Creating an e-commerce store has never been this easy!

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Snappy and effortless marketing tools with the help of our e-commerce platform

Vilkas Now online stores have a modern search engine optimized URL structure that automatically includes keywords that are important to your business.

It is possible to take advantage of all the main marketing tools in your store: for example, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel. As part of your marketing campaigns, you can, among other things, create discount coupons for your online store and use the newsletter app to collect customer contact information for email marketing.

Marketing with Vilkas Now is efficient and effortless!


Automatic updates save time and effort

You don't have to worry about updates to your Vilkas Now online store, automatically updates – your time as a merchant is freed up for essentials, i.e., sales!ttisia – kauppiaan aikaa vapautuu olennaiseen, eli myyntiin!

The updates ensure you have all the up-to-date and latest features that set your online store apart from the competition.

Take advantage of our comprehensive range of services

Analytics, analysis, digital marketing, accounting, training, layout design….

Layout design

A clear, easy-to-use and stylish layout increases the reliability and sales of your e-commerce store

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Let the experts build effective Google advertising campaigns for you.

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E-commerce accounting

Expert accounting services for both small and large online merchants.

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Our happy customers

There are thousands of online retailers in Finland whose business is being boosted by Vilkas. Benefit from their experiences and learnings; create your next e-commerce success story!

Vilkas Now

We implemented everything as simply and easily as possible. During the changes brought about by my children's remote schooling and coronavirus, I have not had time to familiarize myself with the instructions, but the beginning has been quite easy.

Hanne Tuori-Kalliokoski, Tallipihan Suklaapuoti

Creating my e-commerce store on the Vilkas platform was quick and easy to do, and the Vilkas website provided clear instructions for setting up and customizing my Vilkas Now online store.

Niina Luoma, LUOMA Design

You always get help quickly from Vilkas customer support. However, Vilkas e-commerce platform was easy to use and I didn't neet to help from customer support. However, if a problem did arise, help was quickly available.

Heli Luokkamäki, Hidastaja Art

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No commitments, no costs. Setting up an online store has never been so easy!

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