Bookkeeping services for online stores

The service includes Procountor, transaction and document entries, financial statements, and official reports.

We offer online merchants expert bookkeeping services in collaboration with Vilkas Group partnership company Tilkas Oy. Tilkas helps companies of all sizes in bookkeeping. Demand for bookkeeping services aimed at online merchants has grown clearly, and Tilkas aspires to answer this demand. Tilkas was founded especially for online merchants, and it has over a decade of experience of different kinds of online stores.

The company’s operations are based on the following key pillars:

  • We speak and understand the language of online merchants
  • We help online merchants at the different stages of an online store’s life cycle
  • Our service is paper free
  • Modern operating methods
  • Entrepreneur-centric mindset
  • Experienced team with in-depth understanding of online merchants’ needs
  • Modern tools and automation
  • Supports the Vilkas online store, Procountor and Netvisor integration
  • Online store references with over a decade of experience

Learn more about Tilkas Oy’s operations at:

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