The services of our partners for the needs of your online store

Technology is important, but it is essential to find partners who offer the right online shopping services for you and your customer’s needs. Vilkas always selects the best functions in the industry for you to use, so that you can focus on trade.


The services of partners are an integral part of the online store

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Setting up an online store alone is not enough. Payment methods, logistics, marketing - you need all of these functions for your online store to work efficiently. You get the services of our carefully selected partners already connected to your online store.

With the functionalities offered by the partners, you respond directly to customer needs, which increases your company’s productivity. Reliable integrations are part of the machinery of your online store and influence the creation of a positive user experience. You get satisfied customers to return to your store to shop again and again.

We make sure that our high-quality cooperation with the best partners produces a smoother online business for you. You choose the services that you use to build a suitable and efficient e-commerce solution for you and your customers.

Payment methods

No online store can function without payment services, and it truly matters what payment methods you offer your customers. Well-known domestic and international payment methods increase the reliability of your online store, and a smooth shopping experience improves conversion.

Partners in payment services

Delivery methods

With the services of logistic partners, you get the efortless delivery of your online store’s products that customers expect. Versatile delivery methods make the customer experience smoother and ensure satisfied customers. With the help of our partners’ services, your parcels can be sent easily and safely both home and abroad.

Partners in logistics

Marketing services

With the most important tools of digital marketing, you enhance your presence in e-commerce. By ensuring the visibility of the products, you increase your sales, and with marketing communication, you develop customer relations.

Our marketing partners offer services that help you increase both the effectiveness of marketing and your own expertise.

Marketing partners

Financial administration services and operational management

You can leave the online retailer’s accounting and other online business financial management matters to our competent partner.

Thanks to financial administration integrations, the necessary materials go from the store exactly to where they need to go, always in the right form. 

Operational management, on the other hand, helps you streamline your business processes. 

Partners in financial administration and operational management

Technology - our partners

Would a nice and uncomplicated, easy e-commerce platform, which is at the top of the reviews even in international markets, be suitable for you.

We bring international e-commerce software to your use with domestic and English-language service. Our servers are located in the EU.

Partners in e-commerce

Third party interfaces

The e-commerce software of Vilkas, Now and Suite, contain a REST integration interface that third parties can use when making their own service available.

Familiarize yourself with the operating model and build an application from your service that can be installed for Vilkas online retailers to download.

REST integration interface

Is your company our future partner?



Even we are not doing this alone. We strengthen Vilkas’ online retailers’ digital business capabilities by offering them the services of reliable partners.

We want to create an ecosystem that enables online retailers and their customers to have a seamless customer experience.

Vilkas is a domestic company that offers e-commerce platforms as SaaS and project solutions. We are the home base for 2000 online stores. At our core is strong competence, which consists of both our long experience and our versatile and committed professional skills.

Our partner activities are guided by the idea that together we will find the best possible way to do as much good as possible. In cooperation, we create a whole in the world of online business that is more than the sum of its parts: we want to go towards goals and exceed them.

Is your company our next partner that will take its place in the ecosystem of Vilkas e-commerce?

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