The availability of your products is automatically displayed in your shop, depending on their stock level. For more information, read Stock level / minimum stock level.

You can determine the texts that should be displayed for the following options:

  • A sufficient amount of the product is in stock

  • The stock level is below the minimum that was defined by you. For more information on the minimum stock level, read Stock level / minimum stock level.

  • The product is sold out

How to change the availability texts


1. In the administration area in the main menu, select Settings >> Product view and then Availability.

2. Edit the texts.

3. Save the changes.


Using the Advanced Search function you can find products in your assortment whose stock level has reached a certain value or which are sold out. Other search options such as "Minimum stock level not reached" or "Visibility" simplify the monitoring of stock levels and availability. For more information, read The search function in the administration area 

With the email events "Minimum stock level reached" and "Product sold out" you can determine that you get an email whenever the minimum stock level of a product is reached or a product is sold out. For more information, read Email events.