With the product slider you can add any products to pages of your shop. They are then displayed conveniently in a slider. It is possible to add up to 12 products there. Product sliders can be added on the home page, category pages and content pages.

For general information on the types of pages and adding content you can read the article Introduction: Editing content with the editor.


1. Visit your shop's administration area and select in the main menu Editor.

2. In the sidebar under Pages you will now see a list of your shop’s pages. Select the page that you would like to edit.

3. Select Content elements.

4. Select the element Product slider and drag it to the required location on the page by holding the left mouse button down. Here, the blue areas will show you the locations where you can add the element.

5. Select Add products.

6. Select the products you would like to show.

7. Select Save.