Reference units enable your customers to easily compare the price of products with different quantities. You can specify a reference unit for each product.

In the following example, we will set the reference price for a bottle of wine. The bottle contains 700 ml. To help customers make an easy price comparison, the converted price for a litre of the wine is shown on the product page as a reference.

The result then looks like this:


1. In the administration area in the main menu, select Products and then View products.

2. The table shows an overview of all products in your online shop. Select the product number of the product you would like to edit.

3. In the Price section, enter a number in the first field under Reference unit – in our example "1". You may need to select More Options to see this option.

4. Besides that field, select the unit – in our example "litre(s)".

5. In the Amount in product field, enter the quantity contained in the product – in the example, 0.7 litres.

6. Save the changes.

The reference price is now displayed on the product page in your online shop.