You can define various product types in the administration area of your shop – for example, "Jacket", "Trousers" or "Sweater". For each product type you can define attributes. Possible attributes for the product type "Jacket" would be "Size", "Color" and "Material".

These attributes then supplement each product's standard settings (e.g. name and description).

After you have assigned a product to a product type, you can specify the corresponding attributes for this product.

Product types and attributes serve the following purposes:

  • The attributes can be displayed in your shop on the product pages in addition to the description. This way you can provide your customers with more precise information on the product in a clearly arranged manner.

  • Product types and attributes are the basis for products with variations. For example, if you sell a T-shirt in various sizes and colors, define these variations using the product type and attributes.


Please do not confuse the product types with categories, even if they are similar. Categories are visible in your shop and serve to display your products in a structured manner. Product types, on the other hand, are an aid in managing product attributes. For more information on categories read the article Managing categories.


The product type "Basic" has a special role. All products are first automatically assigned to this product type. In addition, it is the basic product type for all other product types. All its attributes are automatically applied to new product types that are created.


1. In the administration area in the main menu, select Products and then Manage product types.

2. The table displays all product types available. Select the button + Add.

3. Enter a Name for the new product type.

4. Select Add.

5. The product type has been successfully added. The table under Attributes displays all attributes of this product type. If you would like to add a new attribute, select the button + Add.

6. Specify a Name for the attribute.

7. Select one of the following attribute types:


Type, application and example



All kinds of text: Names, addresses, descriptions, etc.

Attribute "Author name" for the product type "Book"


Text with value selection

Similar to the "Text" type, but a series of possible values are defined for this attribute. For example, if you specify the attributes of a new product of this product type, you can select one of these values instead of entering a text of your choice.

Attribute "Author name" for the product type "Book", if there is only a limited number of authors


8. Select Add.

9. If there are attributes with value selection for the selected product type, you now have to enter the possible values for this – otherwise the attribute setup is finalised.

For example, if you have added the attribute "Color" for the product type "Sweater" and it has the type “Text with value selection”, you now define individual values like "red", "green" and "blue". To do this, select in the table the name of the attribute you would like to edit.

10. Under Values, enter a value – for example "red”.

11. A new line is added below, where you can enter additional values.

12. When you entered all values, save the changes.

13. If you would like to specify values for other attributes, select the name of the product type at the top and repeat steps 9-13.



1. Select Products in the administration area in the main menu and then View products.


2. Select the product number of the product you would like to edit.

3. In the Attributes section under the option Product type you can select the desired product type.

4. Save the changes.

5. In the Attributes section, the Product attributes of the desired product type are now available . Make all specifications here.

6. Save your data.


If you would like to delete attributes that have been taken over from the "Basic" product type or change their order, you have to open the "Basic" product type and perform the changes there. More information on changing the order can be found in the article Changing the order of elements.

As soon as variations for a product exist, the product type of this product can no longer be changed.

A product type can only be deleted if it is not assigned any products. Use the advanced product search to find and delete all products of a product type. For more information, read the article The search function in the administration area.