You can edit product images in the administration area directly at the products: In the administration area in the main menu, select Products and then View products. In the table, select the product number of the product whose images you want to edit. Then you can edit the pictures under Images.

It is also possible to make changes to images, like rotating them, changing their format or the part of the image that should be seen. To do this, hover your mouse pointer over the image in the administration area and select the crop symbol.

For best results, product images should be at least 1100 x 1100 pixels in size and have the same image format (for example, square, wide, or portrait). The background of the images should be removed so that they have a clear white background.


In order for your customers to use the image zoom on product pages, the images must have a certain size. From 1100 x 1100 pixels you can be sure that the image zoom will work on most of your customers' mobile devices. If an image is too small, the image zoom is automatically deactivated for that image. In this case, the image is already displayed at its highest zoom level.


Since the original image (left) is already visible in full resolution (329 × 218 pixels), a further zoom (right) would only show a blurred section. Especially on large, high-resolution screens, it can happen that a product image is already displayed at its highest zoom level. We therefore recommend that you use rather larger images. Since the pages of your shop are loaded dynamically, you can also be sure that there will be no loading time problems due to too large images.

You can also disable the product image zoom for your shop. In the administration area, select Settings and then Product view. Here you can disable it.