You can determine an alternative text for every image you add in the editor – also for images that are displayed within an image slider.

The alternative text for images has several purposes:

  • It is displayed to the visitor if the image cannot be displayed for any reason.

  • It helps visitors who visit your shop with a screen reader (e.g. blind people) to understand the content of the image.

  • It is crawled by search engines and can be a factor for search engine optimisation.

How to change the alt text of an image

1. Open the editor by selecting Editor in the main menu within the administration area of your shop.

2. In the sidebar under Pages, you will now see a list of your shop’s pages. Select the page you would like to edit.

3. Within your shop on the right side, move the mouse pointer onto an image or image slider and then select the edit symbol.

4. Under Alternative text you can enter the text. For image sliders, you can enter an alternative text for each of the images. To do that, select another one of the images at the top and enter an alternative text for it.

5. Save the changes.

Tips for writing alternative texts

When writing an alternative text for an image, you should describe the content of it – for instance “Family playing soccer on the beach”. For SEO purposes it is also useful to include keywords that are relevant for your shop. If you sell soccer balls, the alternative text could be “Family playing on the beach with a soccer ball”. Be careful not to use too many keywords – the alternative text should always sound natural.