On this support page, the Klarna Checkout service registration is described in detail. For a general description of Klarna Checkout and how it works, go to the Klarna Checkout page.


Note! If you sell products that fall into the following product categories: tobacco, medication, travel, services or sales through a marketplace, Klarna may not agree to enter into an agreement for your trade. For these, you should contact Klarna's sales department directly before using the service.

Source: https://www.klarna.com/uk/business/merchant-support/is-there-any-restrictions-on-what-i-can-sell-through-klarna/


Follow these steps to start using the Klarna Checkout payment method

  1. In the shop administration, go to Settings >> Payment >> [open Klarna Checkout]

  2. choose I have read and accepted the Klarna Terms and Conditions and then click Order Klarna Checkout.

  3. Fill in the information in the form.

    • Use the company's official information, which was used when registering the company.

    • Make sure that the Business ID and VAT ID are completely correct.

    • Enter the VAT ID only if your company is registered for VAT. Otherwise, leave it blank.

  4. Once the information has been entered correctly, click Order Klarna Checkout.

By doing this, Klarna will provide your user details to the payment method.



In the shop administration main menu go to Settings >> Payment and then open the Klarna Checkout payment method. On the tab Settings you will find a link Open form that will open a form where you need to fill in more information needed by Klarna.

Once the information about the company's ownership and bank details have been filled in Klarna's form, Klarna will process it and after approval the payment method will start working. This doesn’t normally take a very long time, but Klarna doesn’t give a clear notice ince it's done either. On the customer side of the shop, it is worth testing the operation of the payment method to see if Klarna's payment form opens normally.

A little while after the approval of you registration, Klarna will also send information about their Klarna Merchant portal and how to log in there. The Klarna Merchant portal does not need to be used for daily payment processing, but you can download, for example, payment expense reports for accounting purposes.


When you are testing the payment method in your shop and...

  • If Klarna's payment form opens and does not indicate a test mode, then it is operational.

  • If the form shows "Express Checkout is not available", then the payment method is not yet active.


If all of the above information is correct, but Klarna Checkout activation does not seem to be progressing at all within a few business days, its status can be queried directly from Klarna's Merchant Support. 

If you are in contact with Klarna Merchant Support and they indicate that Vilkas can create IDs for the merchant for their service, then it is done as described above, i.e. by registering the Klarna Checkout service for the payment method. Vilkas employees do not have access to the Klarna system to create IDs or see information about them.

If the activation of Klarna Checkout does not seem to be progressing using the above means, then you can ask more about the topic from Vilkas' support team: https://www.vilkasgroup.com/contact