With Avarda's payment solutions, you will get more returning customers to your business, increase your conversions and improve your profitability. Your customers are offered a flexible and customer-friendly financing option, while you can save on marketing costs. When your customer makes a purchase, they just create an account in your shop, and the threshold for returning to shop is clearly lower.

Avarda offers the same invoice and account payment methods for your web shop and your physical shop, which works great in a multi-channel environment.

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The Avarda service is only available in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish.

 Avarda's prices

Fixed pricing € 0.35 + 1.99% / transaction (minimum invoicing € 20 / month). No other costs or opening fee.

 How to get started

Before the Avarda payment service can be added in your web shop, an agreement with Avarda and IDs for the payment method are required.

To add Avarda as a new payment method to your shop, follow these steps.

  1. In your shop administration go to Settings > Payment.

  2. Select Avarda from the payment methods at the top.

  3. Go to the Settings tab for the new payment method.

  4. Fill in the Site code and Site password fields you received from Avarda.

  5. Save.

 Avarda in your shop

There are various settings for the Avarda payment method that can affect the operation in the shop.

  • Site code – Here you fill in the ID of your Avarda contract.

  • Site password – Here you fill in the password of your Avarda contract.

  • Show payment: Payment form on basket page – If you wish, you can display the payment form directly on the shopping cart page. You should only use this if you have no other payment methods in the shop.

  • Activate order when: Order marked as ready for dispatch – You can choose whether to activate the payment when your order status is set to ready for dispatch.

  • Activate order when: Order marked as dispatched – You can choose whether to activate the payment when your order status is set to dispatched (default).

  • Activate order when: Order marked as delivered – You can choose whether to activate the payment when your order status is set to delivered (default).

  • Activate order when: New tracking codes saved (Pakettikauppa) – You can choose whether to activate the payment when a tracking code is saved for the order.

  • Currency – Select the currency used for the payment method.

  • Customer type – Choose whether the customer can be both consumers and companies, or just consumers or companies.

  • Terms and conditions – Choose which page in your shop contains the terms and conditions.

  • Hide payment from normal order process – If you wish, you can hide the Avarda payment method from the normal ordering process.

  • Show Terms and Conditions – Select whether the payment form displays a checkbox for accepting the terms and conditions.

Once you've set up the settings for the payment method, you need to still make the payment method visible to your customers on the General tab. In addition, under Settings >> Payment you will find a list of the payment methods used in the shop, where you can hide other payment methods if necessary.


Finally, test the operation of the payment method on the customer side of the shop, at least until you are directed for the actual payment.




I received an order in my shop, without the "paid" status. What does it mean?

All orders paid with Avarda that come to the shop should be approved for payment and always have the "paid" status. If the "paid" status is missing, then the payment information has not been fully received for the order. You may want to check that the payment is normally visible in your payment service.

If the payment is otherwise displayed normally, then the paid status can be added manually to the order and the order will be processed normally.