In your shop’s administration area, you can edit the following order documents:

  • Invoice

  • Packing slip

  • Invoice correction


How to edit order documents 

1. In your shop’s administration area in the main menu, select Settings and then Order documents.

2. You can now edit the invoice. If you would like to edit the packing slip or the invoice correction, please select this at the top.

3. You can edit the text field below the headline and the footer at the end of the page. If you change the footer, this change applies for all order documents (invoices, packing slips and invoice corrections). It is also possible to use placeholders, that are then automatically replaced with the specific data. For instance, you can add placeholders for the customer’s name or the order number. To use a placeholder in a text field, select Placeholder and then select the placeholder you would like to add.


You cannot edit the greyed-out fields. Data like the customer’s name and address or the invoice date are automatically filled out by the shop system when you create an order document for an order.

You can edit your company information that is displayed in the upper right corner in the administration area under Settings >> General.

For invoices and packing slips, your Order and delivery comments for an order are displayed below the order summary. To add comments to an order, select in the administration area in the main menu Orders and then View orders. Select the Order no. of an order. Under Order and delivery comments you can add comments. Save the changes.