This feature is only available in Now M, Now L and Now XL shops.


You can sell your products on Amazon Marketplace. For you as a merchant, Amazon is a very good opportunity to acquire new customers and benefit from the fact that this website has millions of visitors each month.


The help at is a great resource for information regarding selling on Amazon. Especially these articles are important for you:

Please note that the instructions provided there are valid for and might not be valid for other country versions of Amazon. 

Depending on your shop type there are different Amazon portals available - for instance for the United Kingdom.

In order to sell products on Amazon, they must usually have an EAN number. You can enter the EAN number of a product in the administration area of your shop when you edit it. If a product you want to sell is already available at Amazon, your offer will be displayed on the respective product page at Amazon. If the product does not have an EAN number, you can find information on how to proceed here.


How to set up selling on Amazon


1. In your shop’s administration area in the main menu select Marketing and then Amazon.

2. In the table, you can see all countries that are available. In the column Active select the country you would like to sell in.

3. Save the changes.

4. Amazon has now been activated for this country. Select the country.

5. Follow the instructions at the top of the page. For instance, you need to create a merchant account with Amazon.

6. When you followed all the steps, you need to take care of several settings. Under Email settings, select if order status emails for Amazon orders should be send.

7. Save the changes.

8. Select the page Default values.

9. Here you can define settings that are used as default values during the assignment of products – for instance the delivery period or the condition of products. Under Default delivery period you can determine if there should be a default delivery period for your products at Amazon. Choose No to use the delivery period defined at the product. If no delivery period is defined at the product, the value from the field Delivery period on this page is valid.

10. Save the changes.


How to define the products that you want to sell on Amazon


1. In your shop’s administration area in the main menu select Marketing and then Amazon.

2. Select the country.

3. Select Products.

4. Select Assign products to assign products that you would like to sell on Amazon.

5. Select Complete it for one of the products to take care of further settings.

6. Now you can link the product to a product that is already available on Amazon. For example, if you want to sell a book, it's probably already available at Amazon. To find it, you can use the search at the top of the page to browse Amazon's product catalog. Suggestions for suitable products are shown below. Select one of them and select Assign.

7. Select Activate offer to offer the product on Amazon.

8. Take care of further settings for the product, for instance the price at Amazon.

9. Save the changes.