Google Ads (previously named Google AdWords) enables you to display an advert quickly and easily in the Google search results. The adverts mostly appear directly above the search results and are discreetly marked as adverts. Ads adverts are also displayed in partner advertising networks (in other search engines with Google technology and on websites with advertising featuring Ads advertisers).

You can define keywords for search result pages on which your adverts are to be included. If, for example, you sell notebook PCs, you can have your adverts displayed to users who searched on Google for "notebook", "laptop", or "portable computer". This way you always reach the right users.

Billing is according to number of clicks. In other words, you only pay if someone actually clicked on your advert.

Other benefits of Google Ads:

  • You can define that your adverts are only visible for users at specific locations and in specific languages.

  • You determine your advertising budget.

  • Your advertising costs are always transparent.

  • You see how many users have viewed and clicked on your advertisements.


To use Google Ads for your shop, you need to log in to Google and create an Ads campaign. If you want to measure the success of your campaign more precisely, you can link it with your shop. You can then see how many users who accessed your shop via Ads actually placed an order.

In order to establish the connection between your shop and Ads, in the administration area of your shop in the main menu select Marketing >> Google >> Google Ads. Follow the steps that are displayed on that page.


1. Create a new Google user account or log in to an existing Google account.

2. Visit, select the green button and follow the steps specified. More information is available in the Google Ads help, in the Ads tutorials and in the official community.


If you have incorporated the conversion tracking code, make sure you make your visitors aware of this on your data privacy page. For more information read Editing the privacy policy.