In your shop you can display text on images and create buttons, so-called Call-to-actions (CTAs).


The "Call-To-Action" is a vital element in an online shop. It can be the last decisive impulse to encourage a customer to buy. It tells your visitors what to do, where to click or what to buy. An example is a "Buy now" button in the shop.


1. In the administration area in the main menu select Editor.

2. In the sidebar under Pages select the page you would like to edit.

3. Make sure that you've added an image to your chosen content element.

4. In the preview area, navigate to the image, and select the pen icon.

5. Select the tab Add text on image.

6. In the input field Headline, enter a meaningful headline. Once you start typing, you'll see the immediate result as a preview on the image.

7. In the input field Text, enter a text.

8. In the input field Link you can enter a link. By selecting the checkbox Open link in new window, once a visitor selects the image or button, the referenced page will open in a new browser window.

9. There is also the option to make the link a button. Select the checkbox Show button on image. Fill in the input field Button text.

10. Select Save.