A logo often combines text and visual imagery. It tells your customers the name of your company and creates a visual symbol that represents your business. A professional, well-designed logo brands your website and builds trust.

By default, your website name is displayed in the logo area of the header. You can keep your website name or decide to display your own logo in that area instead.

  1. In the sidebar of your administration, navigate to Editor.

  2. Select the leftmost icon in the bottom bar.


3. In the tab Logo area, you can now choose if you'd like to display your website name only or a logo only. Select your desired option.

- Display website name only: When selecting this option, your website name is shown in the logo area. You can change your website name at any time under Settings >> General.


- Display logo only: When selecting this option, you can upload your own logo. To do so, either drag and drop an image onto Add image or choose an image from your device by selecting Add image. We recommend using a logo with at least 200 x 200 pixels.


Once you've added an image, you can crop it by selecting the cropping icon. By selecting the uploading icon, you can change the image and add a different one.

4. Select Save.

Your chosen logo is now displayed in the upper left corner of your website. When selecting the logo, customers will always be linked back to your start page.