An image slider is a great addition to your design. For more information about the image slider and the page content in general, read the article Editing the content of a page.

If you would like your images to fit the image slider perfectly, make sure to upload them in a suitable size. Here are the preferred sizes of the image slider images according to the theme you are using:

  • Neutral: 1400 x 686 pixels

  • Vision: 2000 x 500 pixels

  • Essence: 1400 x 412 pixels

  • Limelight: 2000 x 500 pixels

  • Editorial: 2000 x 500 pixels

  • Uptown: 1400 x 686 pixels

  • Structure: 1400 x 412 pixels


If you use the theme Vision, Limelight or Editorial please note: Depending on which device a visitor to your shop uses, images of the image slider may be cropped and will not be displayed entirely. Important image content should therefore be placed in the center of the image.