If you run a brick and mortar store, you can offer your customers to order products online and then pick them up in your store. This service is often called Click and Collect. It has many advantages for your customers: They e.g. don't need to pay the shipping costs, can usually pick up the products on the same day, and can seek advice in your store. You as a merchant can also benefit from Click and Collect: You need to send less packages, can offer your customers a useful service, and often the customers buy further products when picking up the ordered ones.


If you'd like to offer Click and Collect in the checkout of your shop, you need to set up a new shipping method with free shipping.

1. In the administration area in the main menu, select Settings and then Delivery.

2. In the table you can see all the delivery methods already created in your shop. Select the button + Add.

3. Under Logistics vendors select the option User-defined delivery method.

4. Under Type, select Free delivery.

5. Under Name in shop, enter a name for the delivery method, which will then be displayed later on in your shop - for instance "Click and collect".

6. Select Add.

7. Make the general settings for this delivery method here.


Option and description

Visible in shop

This is where you determine if the delivery method is available to your customers in the shop. Leave this option set to No until the delivery method has been fully set up.


Default selection

Specify if this should be the standard delivery method for your shop.


Allow for all products

Determine if this delivery method can be used for all products or only for specific ones. For more information, read the section Making a delivery method available for certain products only on the Delivery methods page.



If this feature is available in your shop, you can specify that only customers from a specific region can use this delivery method. For more information, read the article Regions.


Name in shop

The name of the delivery method in your shop.



Here you can enter further information about this delivery method. For instance, this information will be displayed to your customers during the order process when delivery methods are selected. We suggest that you use the description to tell your customers where and when they can pick up the products they ordered.



Determine if a logo for this delivery method should be displayed in the order process. In this case, upload an image of the logo and select beforehand, if the image size should be changed during upload.


8. Save the changes.


Let your customers know about your Click and Collect option in the header of your shop. You can find more information on this in the article Unique selling points (USPs) in the header of your shop.

Keep in mind that you need to mark the products as shipped after the customer picked them up in store. You can find out more about this in the article Order status.