You can display your biggest selling points in your shop’s header. This way, you can give new and returning customers a good overview about the advantages of your shop.

Some examples for selling points you might have and thus announce in the header:

  • Free shipping

  • Products can be returned for 90 days

  • Phone support

  • Delivery in 24 hours

The result could look like this:


You can find general information on the header in the article The header of your shop.


1. Open the editor by selecting Editor in the main menu within the administration area of your shop.

2. Select the gears icon at the bottom of your shop.

3. Select the loud-hailer icon.

4. To add a USP, select one of the checkboxes.

5. Enter the text that should be displayed.

6. If you would like to change the icon that is shown in your shop’s header besides this USP, select Change icon and then select an icon. If there should be no icon for this USP, select Hide Icon.

7. Save the changes.