You can also add contact forms to the pages of your shop. This way your customers can contact you in a convenient way.

Each contact form contains fields for the name and email address of the customer as well as for the message.

Messages are then sent to your email address that can be changed under Settings >> General.

How to create a contact page

1. Open the editor by selecting Editor in the main menu of the administration area of your shop.

2. In the sidebar under Pages, you will now see a list of the pages of your shop. Select Add page.

3. Under Page name, enter a name for the new page - for example, "Contact".

4. If you do not want the page to be displayed in your shop (because, for example, you still want to edit it before), then select the option Hide page. Do not forget to make the page visible later on. For more information, read Editing the visibility of pages.

5. Save the changes.

6. The new page has been created and is now available for editing. Select Content elements in the sidebar to see all content elements. Drag and drop the element you would like to use into the shop to the right. Here, the blue areas will show you the locations where you can add the element.

7. Select the newly created element and enter all the information here - for example your e-mail address, telephone number and address.

If you would like to include an e-mail link, read the following section.

Add an email link

1. Enter your e-mail address in the text field at the desired location - for example

2. Mark the e-mail address with the mouse.

3. Select the link icon.

4. Enter your e-mail address and insert this in front of the address: mailto:

An example of this:

5. Select the check icon to save the link.

You successfully added the link. If a visitor of your shop clicks the link, his email software will open.


More information on editing the content of a page can be found in the article Editing the content of a page