In your shop’s administration area, you can get an overview of your shop’s customers. 

In the main menu, select Customers.

In the table you can see an overview of all customers of your shop. Besides information like the customer no. or the customer’s name, you can also see information such as the amount of orders or a link to the last order. By hovering the mouse over the mail symbol, you can see the email address of a customer quickly.

Select a customer no. to see the details of a customer. On this page (Customer data) you can see the billing address of the customer. When you select Orders, you can see a detailed list of this customer’s orders, including the order’s status.


You have the possibility to manually create a new customer.

1. In the main menu, select Customers.

2. Select + Add.

3. Enter the billing address of this customer. All fields marked with * are mandatory.

4. If you want to, you can change the customer no.

5. Save the changes.