Social media

Social media advertising brings growth and visibility for your online store

Social media advertising offers versatile opportunities to reach new and potential customers and to grow sales. Do you want to grow sales, add awareness, or strengthen brand loyalty? We help you succeed in the rapidly changing social media environment.

In addition to paid-for social media advertising, we will also help you get a good start in content marketing. Content marketing aims at creating added value to customers by educating and entertaining them. The goal is naturally to be memorable, which can gradually lead to a purchase decision. Content marketing will enable you to create longer-term relationships with your customers. The content can be photographs, text, videos, guides, or GIFs – we can help you create content in all formats.

A successful social media strategy consists of several factors. The easiest way for a new online store to increase its visibility, however, is through Facebook advertising. 71% of Finns use Facebook. If you target your advertising correctly, you can rapidly and efficiently reach your potential customer base. Adding a Facebook pixel to your online store also enables retargeting as well as monitoring your versatile marketing actions.

Instagram and LinkedIn are most relevant to certain target groups. In the under-30 age group, Instagram targets better than Facebook does, and LinkedIn is a great channel especially for B2B marketing and for reaching the 25-35 age group.

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