We bring the best expertise to the table

We have experience in creating and developing thousands of online stores, both small and large. That’s why we know how to build successful online stores - that will perform well now and in the future.


Set up an online store quickly and easily

34 €/mos

Vilkas Now

A convenient and uncomplicated e-commerce platform suitable for new entrepreneurs and those opening their first store.

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126 €/mos

Vilkas Suite

A versatile e-commerce solution that is suitable for international trade and launching businesses onto the global market.

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Try out the different options and online store types as they include various features and functionalities. By experimenting, you will find out which kind of online store is right for your needs!


An online store that generates money and profits

Vilkas Go

A customized online store that accelerates your digital business and increases your sales, success, and growth.

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Vilkas Verkkoapteekki

A high-quality online pharmacy solution developed in conjunction with Finland’s top online pharmacies.

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Ready, set – go!

Creating an online store has never been so effortless.

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Keep your customers happy

In a smartly designed online store, the user experience is positive: shopping is easy and pleasant. Satisfied customers return and make further purchases.


Faster, easier, smoother

Satisfaction guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our services.

Trustworthy partner

We always act fairly and openly: we keep our promises.

Local customer service

Local and knowledgeable customer support serves you better.

Effective integrations

You get access to our partners’ tools for payments, logistics, accounting, and marketing.

We are a trusted and familiar face

We always act openly and honestly: we say no to hidden costs, traps and catches.

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