Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to understand the actions people are taking in your shop. When you integrate a Facebook pixel into your shop, you can analyse the behaviour of your customers. However, the actions of your customers will only be tracked if they accept all cookies and do not have any tracking protection activated in their browser.


Be sure to adjust your privacy policy to inform your visitors about the use of Facebook pixel, after you have integrated a pixel into your shop.


Integrating Facebook pixel into your shop

In order to integrate a pixel into your shop, you’ll need to connect your Facebook account to your shop first and then select a pixel that you have created in your Facebook Business Manager.

If you haven't created a Business Manager account and a pixel yet, you'll find more information below under selecting a pixel.


Connecting to Facebook

  1. In the sidebar of the administration, navigate to Marketing → Facebook.

  2. Select Connect.

  3. Follow the instructions.

The name and the photo of the connected Facebook account are displayed.

To disconnect the selected Facebook account from your shop, select Disconnect and confirm your choice in the Pop-Up by selecting Disconnect again.


The connection to Facebook needs to be renewed from time to time. If that is the case, you’ll see a message in your administration (under Marketing → Facebook) asking you to renew the connection. You can do so by selecting Renew connection.

Be sure that you are logged in at Facebook into the same Facebook account that is connected to your shop to be able to renew the connection.


Selecting a pixel

To integrate a pixel into your shop, you'll need to have a Facebook Business Manager in the connected Facebook account. If you haven’t created one yet, open https://business.facebook.com/, select Create Account and follow the instructions. For further information read the article Create a Business Manager in the Facebook Business Help Centre.

If you haven’t created a pixel yet, follow the link Create a pixel in your administration to create a pixel in the connected Facebook Business Manager. For further information read the article Create a Facebook pixel in Business Manager in the Facebook Business Help Centre. After you have created the pixel, there is no need to set up the pixel in your Business Manager. Come back into your shop administration and follow the steps below to complete the setup:

  1. Select the pixel you want to integrate into your shop.

  2. Select Save.

The Pixel has been integrated into your shop.


To remove the integrated pixel, select No pixel.


If you disconnect the Facebook account from your shop, any selected Pixel will be disconnected as well. You can always re-connect to Facebook, but you’ll need to select the pixel again for it to be integrated into your shop.

Adding Facebook events


Once you've added a Facebook pixel to your shop, you can use the event setup tool in Facebook's own settings to configure standard events and parameters without coding.

Here you will find the Facebook help page for the tool:

Here are some more tips on where events can be triggered

ViewContent event
URL contains "/p/"

AddToBasket event
Button text is "add to basket"

Initiate Checkout event
Button text is "checkout"

Purchase event
URL contains "/o/"